Speechless for the first time in a very long time, Nyota nodded in agreement.  Her hands, so very eager, ran across his chest.  Her fingers traced the hidden muscles and danced around his nipples until he closed his eyes and quietly growled.

He grabbed her wrists firmly, prying them from his body.  He looked down into her pleading face while the corners of his lips quirked upward.  She tried to pull away to touch him again, but he denied her.  She could tell he enjoyed her struggle.  It made her that much more tempting to him.

“Take off your clothes,” he demanded.  His eyes roamed her body until they reached her legs.  “Keep the boots.”

He stepped back into the darkness, body slightly hunched as though ready to pounce.  Nyota had no doubt that was his plan.  He was practically shaking thanks to his hunger.  She wouldn’t deny him, but she could, at the very least, give him a dose of his own medicine.

Slow, achingly slow, she reached behind her and unzipped the back of her uniform dress.  She watched him lick his lips in anticipation.  Running her hands along her stomach and touching every part she knew he longed to stroke, she moved her hands to her shoulders.  Teasingly, she pulled the red cloth down her arms until freed, exposing her lacy white bra, which quickly followed its removal from her person. 

She didn’t feel ashamed or exposed, kneeling in Spock’s bed her upper body bare.  Her dark nipples were at full attention, pointing to him…beaconing his touch.  Still, he waited.  She hadn’t fulfilled his order and he would not continue until she had.

Nyota stood from the bed allowing the uniform to unceremoniously fall to the floor.  She watched him take half a step forward in anticipation.  Her fingers hooked the edge of her plain panties and with a swirl of her hips, she inched them down her long legs until they slipped to the carpet.  Booted feet sidestepped the discarded material.

“Excellent,” he murmured, taking in the glory of her nude body.  It was a look so surprisingly\lewd, she couldn’t help blushing now.  “Now, get into my bed.”

She sat on the edge of the bed and slid into it.  Using her elbows to prop herself, she kept her focus on Spock as he undressed.  It wasn’t as smooth and seductive as her own undressing.  He jerked his clothing off impatiently and tossed them aside.  He looked almost unreal as he stood before her, pale body hard and ready for her.  Only her.

He crawled into his bed, moving until his body hovered above hers.  “Open your legs,” he demanded as his eyes drew hers in with his intensity.  She complied and shifted until she centered herself for his body. 

One hand trailed the expanse of her stomach, much like she had moments prior.  He cupped one small, but perfect breast in his hand, kneading the flesh there.  She whimpered softly, pushing her aching body into the touch. Giving that spot one last squeeze, he continued on his path, fingers crawling up her neck and cheek.  She knew what was about to happen seconds before his fingers took their position. 

Mind-meld.  He took her into himself and put himself in her.  She saw flashes of her splayed beneath him, moaning softly in a much earlier sexual encounter with him.  She felt the silent joy within him as he took her, over and over and over, in lovemakings of the past and those to come in the future.  She could taste her body on her own lips and feel his potent arousal.  He was so ready.  So very ready.  And that intense feeling brought her, screaming out as pleasure washed over her.

“Oh, my God,” she whispered with a shudder.

He’d never done that to her before. It was incredible.  And it was only the beginning.

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