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So…after a week of waiting for my entire crew of friends to be able to go, I was finally able to see the latest Star Trek movie.  I’m not going to go into a full review since, I’m sure if you’re interested, you’ve read plenty of them.  I’ll just say this: I’m in love.  I really am.  I’ve always loved Star Trek and I stuck with it through most of its variations.  And after many years of being die-hard about it, I lost my pizazz for it.  That is, until this weekend.

As always, when I really enjoy something, I dive into it headfirst.  In fact, today, with the exception of taking the time to write this, I’ve spent all day playing on the internet, finding out more about the cast and the effects on the timeline.  And oh, the fanfiction!  Already there is some wonderful stuff out there, particularly about my new favorite couple (once again, I won’t say more!). 

It’s been quite a geek out.  And, you know what?  It feels GOOD to geek out again!

In my travels through the Net, I’ve been reading a lot of fanboy stuff and a part of it is negative, but that is to be expected.  Even though it’s expected, it still makes no sense. 

I know a lot of people don’t like change.  Often enough, I find myself to be rather resistant to it.  It’s just some people seem to take it to extremes! It’s fiction; it needs to flow and ripple.  It’s not a personal story even if you’ve loyally stuck to the original. The series needed something new, and they did a darned good job of it.

If you haven’t seen it yet, you definitely should, and if you do, keep an open mind about it.  Prepare for something different and respect and embrace it for what it is.  Let go of the past and look to the future.  Most importantly enjoy it! 

Untitled Star Trek Fan Fiction

Spock’s invitation was open-ended, yet Nyota worried about intruding on his quiet time.  While it had never been a problem in the past, due to the events in the last few months, his temperament had changed ever-so-slightly.  Cautiously, she buzzed the door to his quarters and waited for a response.

“Enter,” his deep voice responded from the opposite side of the door.

With a swish, the doors parted to reveal its dimly lit insides.  Candlelight danced along the walls and the smell of burning incense flowed into the hall.  Slowly, she walked within.

“Spock?” she called as the doors quietly closed behind her.

He was a silent predator.  He grabbed her from the side, yanking her body against his lean form without preamble.  Before she could protest, his mouth was on hers, forcing her lips open so that he tastes the depths of her.  There was no escape from it, not that she would dare try.  In fact, she submitted to him, allowing every guard inside to fall to his whims.

Spock, like all his people, had the violence and passion buried deep, hidden from view.  He kept it under steady wraps.  He had to keep it contained or become a danger to those around him.  But, not here in the privacy of his quarters or in the sanctity of her willing body.

As their lips continued to touch, she felt the meeting of “selves;” her mind was open to him as his was to her, but only a little. Just enough to taste the focused hunger growing within him.  It made her weak and soon she found herself slumped against his body and wrapped in his eager arms.

His fingers weaved through her long, dark hair.  He held on tightly, gathering the soft strands in a fist enough to tilt her face towards him.  She yelped softly, though she welcomed the feel of his demand to attention.  Spock stared down at her, eyes a smoldering heat despite his ever-calm face. 

“Are you afraid?” he rumbled, unable to conceal his desire.

She licked her lips as she steeled herself.  With a playful smirk, she answered “Of you?” She paused long enough to cause him to raise a brow.  “Not even a little,” she whispered in her most seductive voice.

He brought her to his lips roughly.  His mouth feasted, plundered, and devoured hers until she breathlessly whimpered.  Unable to stand, she allowed him to support her entire weight, which he more than willingly complied to.  With ease, he lifted her from the floor, holding her possessively to his chest.

With quick, long strides, Spock walked them to his bed and lowered his prey to it.  She knelt before him, throwing her arms around his neck so that their lips could meet again.  He didn’t hold back, instead, he kissed her with bruising force. She savored every bit of it and of him.

When he finally pulled back, he was panting almost as much as she was, which was unusual.  His eyes traveled from her eyes to her ravaged, swollen lips, then back again.  His voice was nearly breathless as he spoke.

“I am going to take you,” he said, simply.

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