Seriously, Where am I?

Time for a Read!

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Entertainment Containment is a space for me to express myself for your entertainment. My main focus is erotic fiction (most likely of the urban fantasy variety), so expect quickies and short stories, as well as updates on any major novels I’m working on.

How This All Started

It began with Smut Writer. Catchy name, right? Well, I added that as a joke profession on Facebook a few years back. Somehow, without any prompting, it took off. Suddenly, Smut Writer has almost 1,000 likes. I figured there must be a demand with other dirty-minded individuals like myself!

Keep in mind the Smut Writer page has been stolen away from me by some asshole. My account was hacked. If you want to find me on FB now, check out EricaB Writes

So…About that Content, Tho…

Wondering what to find here in this blog? Yeah, me, too! These are the things I’ll currently be focusing on at this time.

  • Short Stories
  • Quickies (less than 1000 words)
  • Excerpts from current works
  • Updates on my latest BIG project
  • Vlog goodies when time will allow
  • Miscellaneous musings through my creative endeavors (and regular-life stuff, too!)

All About Erica

Office worker by day.

Smut writer by night. Or by day, too, when I have a chance!

I’ve been writing and blogging off and on for a decade now. At one point, I (POORLY) self-published a collection of stories known as “Tales of Erotasy.” For the most part, my stories have stuck to blogs. Though, honestly, they’ve mostly in my brain. AND I NEED TO GET THEM OUT, ASAP!

Let’s Have Fun!

If you have a dirty mind, too, you’ve come to the write place! See what I did there? I promise my writing is generally more clever than that.