The Next Morning

The galley was bustling with the early morning shift of the Enterprise crew.  Her captain and the chief doctor sat at a lone table, drinking deeply of their cups of coffee.

“This crap is awful,” Dr. McCoy grumbled as he took another gulp.

“Well, personally, I’ll take what I can get,” Captain Kirk returned, lifting his metal mug in a mock salute.

The doctor sighed, quirking his eyebrows as he turned slightly to the sound of a swishing door.  His eyes widened as he watched Lt. Uhura stumbling into the room, half bent over.  She moved slowly, holding onto any surface in her path that could hold her weight, and shooed off attempts to be helped. Alarmed, Kirk took a look for himself and gasped.

“What the hell–” he started as he started rising from his chair.

“Wait a minute, Jim…” Bones warned quietly, grabbing his friend’s arm lightly.

Not even a moment later, Commander Spock entered the room and, if Bones and Jim didn’t know better, they would have thought the Vulcan had a bit of a jovial bounce in his step.  With his arms tucked neatly behind his back, Spock noted their presence with a slight nod.

As they watched the man join Uhura, a sickening realization formed in both their minds.  It left their jaws hanging for too long.  When she gave the commander a weak, dreamy, and delighted smile, it only confirmed their suspicions.

“Ugh. That green-blooded pervert,” Bones remarked as he lifted his cup back to his mouth.

“Oh, hell. There are some things a man doesn’t want to think about…” Jim moaned rubbing his forehead, head suddenly throbbing.

Spock gently led the lieutenant to a nearby table and helped her sit with an almost smug look in his eyes.  Bones couldn’t help but chuckle as Kirk shook his head, perplexed.

“It’s always the quiet ones,” the doctor said finally.

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