Let’s give this another go

Yes, it’s been a year and three months since the last time I posted. I haven’t been feeling particularly creative until recently. It wasn’t until I randomly decided to sign up for Writing Battle’s spring competition that the juices began to flow. It’s been a great experience so far. The people there are great. I’m enjoying the feedback on my story, Monsters and Mercies.

Will I join the summer contest? The jury is still out. I don’t know if I have the talent to create a cohesive story in 250 words. Hell, I struggled with getting a tale together in 500 words. I did it, though, and for that I am proud.

Now I have the Bug

I’ve started looking into other contests I can try or magazines I can submit to, which made me realize, I have to start my career over. Hence, I am doing some rebranding. I’m revamping my YouTube channel, I’ve spruced up my writing social media, and I will be making an effort to update my blog regularly. I can’t say it will be weekly right now since I’ve been having a lot of HS pain and my diabetes meds often make me sick. But I will say it will be a couple of times a month.

So What Have I Been Working On?

As I mentioned, I did Monsters and Mercies for Writing Battle. I’m wrapping up a little sci-fi short story that I think I will submit to A Coup of Owls Press, but I’m a little nervous about it. But, Erica B 2024 plans to be brave and strong, so I probably will. The biggest thing is I’m planning to continue my Tales Dripping in Crimson series. The next tale will be titled Inner Beasts. Be on the lookout for that one relatively soon.

Until that time, Keep your Mind in the Gutter!