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By day, Erica Beale is your average office professional, but by night, she plunges into dark worlds of her creation. Erica is the author behind the Tales Dripping in Crimson series, Decontamination, and The Lady of the Wood series. She shares updates on her latest projects and snippets of her everyday adventures on this site. She also crafts tantalizing flash fictions she likes to call "Quickies." Join Erica for a playful and sensual journey into the realms of dark fantasy and science fiction.

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Top Tales

A King of Hell is used to being in charge, however, faced with a demoness armed with sensuality as her weapon, he learns even he can fall victim to a powerful predator.

Mammon, a King of Hell, has been trapped in the human realm for centuries. When offered a chance to return home, he jumps at the opportunity. The catch? He must free a powerful succubus named Na'ahmeh who's bent on revenge against her maker. Mammon, posing as billionaire playboy Dezi Pater, has been living it up in Crimson, enjoying the perks of wealth and power. But after releasing Na'ahmeh, Mammon realizes his mistake and must confront the consequences of his actions. With Na'ahmeh on a rampage, Mammon must use every ounce of his arrogance, confidence, and power to subdue her before she destroys everything he's come to love.

That is if he can resist the taste of home she represents.

Hell-Bent is the fourth installment of the Tales Dripping in Crimson series. Contains steamy, mature content.

Lt. Margaret “Mags” O’Reilly has spent her life on the front lines, battling the relentless alien invaders known as the O’okara. Fierce, determined, and always ready for a fight, she relies on her trusted partner Pryce, a human-O’okara hybrid bred in a lab, to watch her back. Their bond has always been one of quiet companionship, forged in the fires of war. But when an unexpected incident traps them together in a decontamination chamber, long-buried secrets and simmering desires are forced to the surface.

Faced with revelations that challenge everything she thought she knew, Mags is torn between the duty she has always known and a forbidden passion that could change everything. As tensions rise and the truth unfolds, she must decide: will she give in to the hunger that threatens to consume her, risking the only friendship she's ever trusted? Or will she accept that there is no room for matters of the heart in a world consumed by unending conflict?

A spicy Science Fiction romance novelette set in a post-apocalyptic world filled with death and destruction, yet there is the light of hope.

A steamy erotic paranormal thriller short story ready to titillate your senses.

There is only one way to lure a sex-crazed demoness out into the open: offering bait she can't resist
....And there is one southern gentleman who fits the bill.

Detective Mark "Kip" Kipper has only recently come to the knowledge of the supernatural world around him. On loan from the Crimson PD to the Department of Paranormal Affairs and Activities, he is assisting Special Agent Xander Sun in investigating a series of attacks made by a mysterious creature that uses lust to capture its prey.

He's a lonely, but kindly man, so frightened of intimacy, he will practically run in the opposite direction of a beautiful woman. But when Mae saunters into the bar, he finds himself unable to do anything but fall all over her. Letting his guard down something he hates. With her, it seems like the easiest thing in the world.

Will Kip be able to resist the pull of a creature who feeds on his darkest desires, or will he succumb to the ecstasy she promises in poisoned honey-covered whispers?

Even a southern gentleman has his limits.


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