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Hidradenitis Suppurativa
A Pain in my Ass…LITERALLY My Constant Companion I have the vaguest of memories about the first time I realized something was wrong. I was nine years old. I had always been tall and fat, enough so that my fellow classmates made fun of me for it. But, unfortunately, I also started puberty. Imagine being fat and developing. Not the best time I’d ever had. Not long after puberty started, I developed a large bump …
Brach in Time: The Flavor of Evil
Smut Writer's Tragic Past 1 Every good writer deserves a back story. This is part of mine. And ongoing series of pain and suffering for your entertainment (you sicko) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D_eu8Ugw6sk&t=43s
Twitch Stream Archive|College Craze 1
I will be doing Twitch Streams, mostly of dating sim kind of games on Friday nights at 9PM EST. Most of the games are pretty adult. I'll still post them here so you can get to the link easily.This is one hour of College Craze by PrettyInk. It is an adult life simulator and dating sim where you play a college freshman getting her freak on. The tagline is "F**k around and find out" so …