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The Best Laid Plans
Sidetracked. AGAIN. Well, I had this whole thing written up about the next “big” project I would be working on for a few months. But then, I got sidetracked by the world of Crimson. That world is like a weed. Just when I think I have it under control, it just finds a spot in my brain and starts to grow. I’m going to have to blame the good dark fantasy stuff that has come …
Intimate with Intimacy: The HS Victim’s Nightmare
https://pixabay.com/photos/passion-lust-pair-hands-5120121/ Anyone with Hidradenitis Suppurativa will tell you how hard it is to get behind getting busy with someone new. It’s a damned nightmare. There’s always this fear in the back of your mind that your partner will take one look at your bump-n-lumps and run screaming for the hills. It’s not a good feeling. Hubby and I started off with an online relationship. We lived on entirely different coasts. Luckily, with that distance between …
An Erica in the Writing Wilds
Creativity Flowing like the Spice Melange For real, though, I don't know where this creative burst has come from. It's been friggin' insane in my brain for the last couple of weeks. I'm talking about writing, editing, making ebooks…My entire days have been filled with words. I hope they're decent ones! By the time you read this, I'll be back at my day job. I'm expecting my energy to get zapped out of existence. I'm …