The Last Fae: Kay seals Dena’s Fate

Something niggled at the corner of Kay’s attention as the patrons before him prattled on endlessly. Something about a yacht? Kay didn’t know for sure. He was being as polite as he could, but he grew tired of them. His smiles at their quips were empty. His eyes were distant as he watched the plump Mrs. What’s-her-face trill about mundane things. Furniture, maybe?

Meanwhile, something was off. Maybe not bad, but…

He looked to Dena, only to find she had moved from the spot next to him. How had he not realized she moved away? Odd. He quickly scanned the room, wondering if she made her way over to David, but found him drinking heavily with Dr. Loweman’s son. Upon continued inspection, he realized he didn’t see her anywhere in the room.

Panic set in. Where had she gone?

As politely as he could—though he admittedly strained to be so—he told the rich patrons he needed to excuse himself. He quickly and quietly moved through the crowd while praying his face didn’t betray his fear. Despite his worries, he didn’t ask anyone if they’d seen Dena. No need to stir any trouble. Also, he didn’t want to alert anyone that he may be on to them.

Eventually, as he walked by a door to the back of the shop, he heard a sound. Small. Distant. But enough to catch his attention. He thought he’d locked this door, but found it opening as he turned the brass handle. Slowly, he moved the door, revealing his workshop. Dark, except for silver moonlight pouring in from the windows.

He noticed a shape near the window. He could tell from the shadow it was Dena. Before he spoke, he closed the door behind him. Once secured, he moved towards her, keeping his steps light and quiet. The fact that she didn’t seem to notice someone had entered the room troubled him.

Inches away, he stopped and cleared his throat, hoping to capture her attention. When she still didn’t move, fear gripped him.

“Dena,” he said, voice hushed and nervous.

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