Her gaze went from cool and distant, to warm, to a quiet dazzling heat. Something told him to run, but he kept his feet planted. She sauntered towards him, closing the gap between them. Her body brushed against his and he couldn’t help savoring the feel of her. The smell of her. Her hand moved to his right arm, fingers dancing along the sleeve of his jacket.

How do I reward you?” she asked, again somehow speaking in a language long dead.

She moved closer still until her lips hovered just above his cheek. He longed to have her press them against his skin. But not there. He wanted to feel the heat of her supple mouth on his, no matter what it cost him.

He pulled back, bringing them face to face. His pointy nose brushed against hers. They stared at each other, unblinking. Kay could feel waves of hunger pouring from himself without shame or restraint. He wanted to kiss her. He had to kiss her and now.

“You tempt me,” he whispered against her lips without pressing them together.

Something beyond the door broke. Something glass. The shattering sound broke the spell between them. Dena immediately jumped back, shaking her head as though trying to clear her mind. Kay released a breath he didn’t even know he held. A very dangerous thing had almost happened, and he couldn’t deny it to himself.

Dena searched the room, clearly bewildered. Whomever she had become for a few moments had fled and his girl had returned. It made him hope.

“I’m sorry, Kay. I don’t remember coming back here. Sorry, I feel like I’m invading your space.”

He licked his lips before biting the bottom one hard enough to breathe. He had to calm himself down. Shame burned his soul. What had he nearly done?

“It’s ok,” he said. His voice husky and his spirit still inflamed. “But we should probably get back to the party before someone realizes we’re missing.”

Despite feeling shaky and woozy, he offered her an arm from desire. She hesitated for a moment before taking it.

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