Quickie 5: Chocolate Treat

Round. Not as firm as it used to be, but supple. Satiny, smooth skin. A delicious, chocolatey chip at the peak.

He marveled that when he took it into his hand, the chocolate chip would harden in response. Taut with excitement and eagerness. He liked the feel of it in his palm as he gently squeezed the beautiful mound. Pulling back, he used his fingers to dance along the skin, savoring every inch of it. Finally, he reached the chocolate. Using his index finger and thumb, he pinched it. Carefully at first, just teasing. Just making sure it was okay. When the little nub became stiffer, he knew he could give it a bit more pressure. So he did. And he was rewarded with a pleased gasp.


But touching was not enough. Chocolate was meant to be tasted. He used his hand to squeeze the mound, and once he had it in the right place, he lowered his watering mouth to the chocolate. His tongue flicked at it, dancing and swirling around it, making sure no part of it went untouched by it. Soon, he pressed his lips to it, opening them enough to allow him to suck on the chocolate chip. And while he sucked, he pressed his tongue to it while inside his mouth.

When he heard soft moaning, he pulled his mouth away long enough to look up into the eyes of his lover.  He couldn’t stop the cocky grin spreading on his lips as he admired the red flush on her cheeks. Her half-lidded eyes, glossy with desire, looked back at him, wondering why he stopped.

“Like that, do you?” he asked, his voice a deep, lusty purr.


Oh, he knew exactly how much she liked it. Just as she knew how much he loved the taste of her skin on his lips. With adoration glimmering in his eyes, he placed a kiss on her nipple. There would be many other things to taste tonight, but for now, he’d continue enjoy his chocolate treat until she could take no more teasing.

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