Quickie 6: Sweet-Tooth

Deep in the heart of a lush forest, a curious bear named Sweet-Tooth roamed around, always keeping an eye out for young couples who often met up in a picturesque spot known as Couple’s Cove. The giant creature had a mischievous streak and enjoyed watching the nervous, yet hopeful pairs connect in the romantic ambiance of the Cove.

One particular Valentine’s Day, Sweet-Tooth spotted two youngsters attempting to break the ice with each other. Though both were clearly smitten by each other, they sat apart, looking in the other’s way, clearly in discomfort and while shuffling their feet. Sweet-Tooth sensed their hesitation so, being the lover of love he was, he decided to take matters into his own paws.


He silently crept up behind the couple, not wanting to be seen. A difficult thing, considering is massive size. Once close enough, he placed his paws on the log behind the two, sat up on his legs, and let out a deafening roar. Screams filled the night air. The couple’s startled reaction was just what Sweet-Tooth had hoped for, and they ran away from the bear as fast as they could.

With a toothy grin on his face, the bear followed the couple through the forest, keeping a safe distance. Sometimes, he’d get closer, snarling and snapping at them. He even took a swipe or two but made sure never to hurt the youths. Their screams pierced through the quiet woods, while they ran as fast as they could, hand-in-hand.

Sweet-Tooth knew they would eventually tire and stop, and he could observe them from afar. The chase continued for several minutes, with the couple looking back every so often, their hearts pounding with fear.

Finally, Sweet-Tooth stopped the chase, allowing the pair to “escape” his grasp. The couple came to a halt minutes later, gasping for air, and embraced each other tightly, relieved to have eluded the fearsome beast. Sweet-Tooth watched from a hidden spot, admiring the affection and love he had brought out of the young couple.

As they hugged and kissed, Sweet-Tooth could feel the warmth and intimacy in the air, and his big heart swelled with happiness. He knew he had brought the couple together on this special day and could not have been prouder of his matchmaking skills.

With the couple lost in their own world, Sweet-Tooth retreated into the woods to his cozy cave, satisfied that he had played his part in making their Valentine’s Day one to remember. As he settled in for the night, the contented bear slept soundly, dreaming of more love stories to come.

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