Tales In Crimson Series

Welcome to Crimson, a posh, ocean-side city on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. But it’s not just a tourist trap; it’s home to all sorts of things that go bump in the night. Vampires, Skinwalkers, and Witches, among other creatures, roam the city streets, preying on the unwitting humans who have serviced them for generations.

A steamy erotic paranormal thriller short story ready to titillate your senses.

There is only one way to lure a sex-crazed demoness out into the open: offering bait she can’t resist
….And there is one southern gentleman who fits the bill.

Detective Mark “Kip” Kipper has only recently come to the knowledge of the supernatural world around him. On loan from the Crimson PD to the Department of Paranormal Affairs and Activities, he is assisting Special Agent Xander Sun in investigating a series of attacks made by a mysterious creature that uses lust to capture its prey.

He’s a lonely, but kindly man, so frightened of intimacy, he will practically run in the opposite direction of a beautiful woman. But when Mae saunters into the bar, he finds himself unable to do anything but fall all over her. Letting his guard down something he hates. With her, it seems like the easiest thing in the world.

Will Kip be able to resist the pull of a creature who feeds on his darkest desires, or will he succumb to the ecstasy she promises in poisoned, honey-covered whispers?

Even a southern gentleman has his limits.

They say the best way to get over someone is to get under someone else. Well, David would rather be sucked off by a vamp instead.

His Cupcake is gone.

David has lost the love of his life to an ancient evil so he decides to find solace in the one place she would never allow. The Den is a popular nightclub on the Moonlit Mile, a stretch of road in the heart of the city designed to draw in locals and tourists alike. But, beyond being a club, it is also secretly known as the Vampire Feeding Grounds.

With life suddenly taking a turn for the worse, he finds himself back there, offering his blood for a bit of pleasure that can only be given by a vampire’s bite.

Will he be able to drown his pain in the incredible ecstasy, or will it only mask the ache in his heart?

Xander Sun paints using the energy of the Earth. When a sexy vixen becomes his muse, he finds new uses for his brush.

When his new partner is placed in Crimson Memorial, Xan wants to entertain the man during a visit. Since his life is empty now, he has no choice in a tale other than his most traumatic one: how he became cursed.

Decades before becoming an agent at the Department o Paranormal Affairs and Activities, Xander Sun traveled the world as an artist. Once he visits Crimson, Maryland, one of the hotbeds for paranormal energy, he meets a young woman named Romina. The two quickly bond, but the bond is strained thanks to her family who considers him an outsider.

Will they allow the pair to continue with their passionate romance, or will their hate tear them apart?