His eyes warmed as he gave her another soft smile. “You look amazing, Madam Rae.”

She gave him a nod before pressing a button on the console before her.

Magnus’ face appeared on the viewscreen, looking anxious and desperate. “Oh thank heavens, Madam Rae, I have a most pressing matter to consult with you about,” he said, his sky-blue eyes wide with worry.

Raekah put on her best mystical expression, holding a hand to her forehead as if deep in thought. “Speak, Prince Magnus. I am here to guide you on your path,” she said with a husky voice that held a hint of mystery.

“Mother says I must pick a suitor, and soon. She has presented me with three prospective mates. They’re all lovely and would be assets to the Sol kingdom. I could see futures with all of them,” Magnus explained. “But I cannot decide which one I should marry. I need your expert advice on the matter.”

Altair rolled his eyes as Raekah began her performance. “Close your eyes, Prince Magnus, and visualize each of the three suitors,” she instructed in a soft, mystical voice. “Imagine the life you would have with each of them and let the universe guide your decision.”

Magnus complied; his eyes closed as Raekah put on a convincing show. Altair couldn’t help but snort at the absurdity of it all. Meanwhile, Raekah continued to offer her “psychic” guidance to the prince, who was all too eager to believe in her powers.

“I’m picturing them,” he said. “Lady Ashling from the Mars colony is a delight, but she would need to go through so many genetic alterations to live on earth, it would be oh-so difficult on her. Then the daughter of General Besh from the Titan orbital station is a laugh riot, but I can barely hear what she says when she speaks, which would drive me mad . And Ms. Talia from the Ceres Piazzi colony is quite attractive and very rich, which would make Mother most happy. Decisions, decisions!”

Raekah cut a look over to Altair while Magnus considered his options. He was the most indecisive man she’d ever known, so she knew this could take a lot longer than either of them wanted.

“Just focus on what you need most for your happiness, my prince,” she crooned to him. “Who would benefit your vast kingdom most but will also be able to grab a hold on your heart?”

He sighed as he ran his fingers through his golden hair. “It’s so difficult, Madam Rae!” He opened his eyes and gave her a watery pout. “Do you not see anything about my future?”

She sucked in a deep breath, closed her eyes, and held out her arms. “I will summon the spirits of the Infinite, my lord. May they bring me visions.”

Raekah moaned softly and swayed in her chair and rolled her head. In time, she began chanting magical sounding, but ultimately nonsense words while jolting her shoulders quickly as though having a seizure. Finally, she gasped.

“My prince!” she cried out. “I see it. The future! I see you upon the throne. Oh, you look so glorious.”

“Of course, I do. That wasn’t in question,” Magnus said.

Raekah shushed him, then continued. “Your Empress is just as beautiful. You are so impressive together. So wonderfully happy I could weep tears of joy for you. Oh, yes, the Empress is so kind and generous. And fertile! You know how important that is to your mother.”

Carefully opening one eye slightly, she could see Magnus leaning closer to the viewscreen. His face was in awe; his eyes were full of intrigue. She had him.

“Which one is it?” he asked. He sounded eager and excited.

“My prince, you must help me. What name is coming to your mind right at this moment?”

He mulled it over for a moment. “Talia?” He gasped with sudden realization. “It’s Talia, isn’t it?”

“Yes!” she exclaimed. “My prince, it is Talia from Ceres. Oh, how happy you two are.” She wavered in her seat. “The spirits are leaving me now. I’ve seen all they will show.”

Raekah flopped back in her chair as though her entire body was spent from the ordeal. Using her left hand, she waved at her face as though trying to cool down.

“We did it,” she whispered.

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