Altair sighed, knowing there was no talking sense into her when she was in “witchcraft” mode. He floated back, watching as she continued to mix and stir the hazardous brew, adding bits of gold flakes to it.

As she continued her work, Raekah was a picture of concentration, her dark brown deadlocked hair pulled back from her face, her brown eyes fixed on the bowl in front of her. A light sheen of sweat coated her brow, giving her tawny beige skin a soft glow in the lab’s dimmed light.

Altair, on the other hand, was ghastly pale, with his hair spiked in layers of black roots, red for most of the length of his hair and white blonde tips. His dark almond-shaped eyes were traced with a thin line of black eye makeup.

Despite the danger of what Raekah was working on, the atmosphere in the laboratory changed to the typical light and humorous tones they were used to. The two friends bantered back and forth, their sarcastic banter helping to ease the tension of their potentially dangerous endeavor.

In the middle of their conversation, Altair cocked his head as though hearing something at a distance. “Raekah, you have an incoming hail. It’s from Prince Magnus.”

Raekah’s eyes lit up at the mention of the name. “Magnus? You mean Magnus, the future emperor of the solar system Magnus? Our top client?”

“The one and only,” Altair confirmed with a small smile.

With an excited squeak, she jumped up from her chair and started running towards the door, passing through Altair’s form as she did. She headed to what she deemed as her designated “psychic room”, Altair followed, floating down the corridor and watching her in amusement. The room is dimly lit, with purple and blue lights casting an eerie glow on the walls. In the center of the room is a round table with a crystal ball. Raekah takes her seat at the table, adjusting her flowing black and purple robes. She gave her cheeks a squeeze and wet her lips. Eyebrows raised; she looked over at Altair.

“How do I look?” she asked with a hint of anxiousness.

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