I slumped to the floor, still fuming over their intrusion, but trying to keep my cool. “What do you want to discuss?” I asked, in a tone that made it clear I was not in the mood for any nonsense. Truthfully, I already knew the answer.

“The plan with Na’ahmeh,” Prince Cathán added, his voice carrying a hint of urgency.

I sighed, stepping aside to let them into my room. They were here to find out the whole plan, so they could figure out how to stop her. This was going to be a long conversation.

“We need to know the exact elements of the plan so we can figure out how to stop her.” Agent Sun said, his voice firm and commanding.

“Na’ahmeh?” I asked, playing dumb. “What are you talking about?”

“You know exactly what we’re talking about,” Cathán said, his voice tight with anger. “Na’ahmeh. The succubus you helped release.”

“Oh, her,” I said, smirking. I enjoyed the frustration on the Fae’s face. “Well, I’m not sure what you expect me to tell you. I know little about the plan, just my small part in it.”

“Bullshit,” Cathán spat. “You were in on it from the beginning. You set everything up so she could escape her prison.”

“And what if I did?” I asked, goading him. “What are you going to do about it, fairy boy?”

I could see the anger building in Cathán’s eyes, and I relished it. I had a particular vendetta against him, after all. I knew about his relationship with Dena, or what he imagined was a relationship, anyway.

“For what it’s worth, Prince, I’m sorry I got to have her, and you didn’t. I know how fond you are of Dena Johnson.” I taunted, giving him as much of a fake pout as I could, considering my condition. I relished the hurt that crossed Cathán’s face.

“That wasn’t Dena,” he said, his voice tight with pain. “That was Na’ahmeh. She was using her body, controlling her. You know that. You helped it happen.” Cathan spat.

“Does it matter?” I asked, shrugging. “The result is the same. You lost her, and I had her. Thoroughly.”

I could see the rage building in Cathán, and I knew I was pushing him too far. But I couldn’t help myself, couldn’t resist the urge to goad him just a bit more. And then, with a shout of fury, he attacked. Magic flowed from his fingertips, crackling with energy as it headed straight for me.

But I was primed and ready, invigorated by my demonic heritage. Despite Na’ahmeh sapping much of my powers, I still wielded formidable abilities, and I wasn’t hesitant to unleash what little I had left. I summoned a golden, shimmering shield, sending Cathán’s attack hurtling back at him with a ferocious force. He recoiled in shock, staggered by my swift counterattack.

“You want to play rough?” I asked, a smirk on my face. “I’m more than happy to oblige.”

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