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Or: Mass Effect 2 is a Heinous Dark Goddess

A game sidetracked me from my plan. It’s a problem.

I had every intention of publishing a new story every Tuesday. At least for this month while I’m furloughed one day a week. It seemed like the perfect time. And until now, it worked out nicely.

Then ME2 went on sale in the Microsoft Store.


Though, to be honest, I gave ME1 a try and gave it a pass. I thought it would be the perfect game for me. Hell, it’s basically Dragon Age in space.

I’m so fucking nice, I can barely stand myself

But, I couldn’t get into it. I tried. More than once, even. I’d figured maybe the series wasn’t for me.

A few months ago someone on my FB friends list said that I should skip it and just head on to two. Well, he’s not just someone. He’s kind of my brother-in-law/married to my little sister from another family. Cool guy. Very smart and talented.

You see how I get sidetracked? This is how shit goes wrong.

Anyway, since the game was a steal (and ME3, mind you), I decided to give it a whirl.

Goodbye, fucking life.

Yeah, the game sucked me in. A girl has a universe to save. No time for writing.

This is not the attitude I should have.

But there it is.

Seriously, I’m grumbling, but the game is great. Loads better than the first one. That game had more clunkiness than I’m ready to deal with. I’m sad that I’m just jumping on board the train so I missed out on all the fun.

And Garrus. Yes, my wonderful Turian love god, have your way with me. Any day. Any hour. Just stop calibrating the ship’s guns, sweet love, and join me…

Sidetracked, again.

Anyway, as I mentioned in my last post, I’m in the process of editing Decontamination. I could probably get that baby out by the end of the week if I avoid the Effect for at least working hours tomorrow.


I need it.