Lady of the Wood Series

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The world isn’t as it was. Due to a cataclysm, the modern world has been knocked into a new Dark Ages. During this time, new realms infiltrate the Human plane of existence: Fae and Daemon, with the High Queen of the Fae ruling all three.

The High Queen’s youngest daughter, Princess Adrianna, lives her life with abandon. Nothing stops her from experiencing everything life has to offer. Except for one thing: A stubborn friend. Adri is ready to delve in the delights of intimacy, but he refuses because he would be the first.

Determined to have him as her own, she sets out to do what needs to be done to make it so.

Pleasures of the flesh bring Fae magic to bloom. Without proper training from an experienced lover, sex can lead to dangerous consequences.

When Adriana sets her sights on an outsider, she begins the journey to unlocking her inner powers. Mustering every ounce of courage, she comes to Nicolo, an artisan trained in the bed.

Will his power and patience, be enough to help her Awaken safely so she can share herself with the one she desires?

Princess Adrianna, now imbued with her Awakened powers, travels to Sanctuary, home of the Shifters, for a getaway. Unfortunately, her new connection to the Earth causes an unintended effect on the Pack. Especially for Grant, the man she cares for more than she realizes.

Since the death of his first love, Grant hasn’t allowed himself the comfort and connection of an intimate relationship. Now, his close friend Adri comes to his home, reeking of the scent of the wild…and of Heat. He has diligently resisted her charms, but with the turn of events, his resolve may finally break.

Will he finally give in to his body’s–and heart’s–needs or will his mind keep him from indulging in the whirlwind that is Princess Adrianna Storm?

Sanctuary is an erotic romance short story and part two of the Lady of the Wood Series.