The Beginning of a Journey

A few days ago, I had a realization. For years I’ve struggled exactly what I wanted to do as a career. Ten years ago, I began my very first “real” career in a call-center of a prestigious hospital in Baltimore. You learn a lot from dealing with call-center work. You learn how to talk to people, which may be one of the most important skills I’ve learned in all those long years in my cubicle. On the phones, you have to manage their worries and doubts and help them make the right calls when it comes to their care. It can be kind of scary on the agent’s end because, basically, you’re holding a part of their lives in your hands. There are other aspects to working in healthcare built for growth. If you aren’t aware, health insurance in the USA is…complicated, to say it nicely. There are so many policies to learn, especially since each one is a little different. Or a lot, depending on what kind of plan it is. ┬áPlus, patients are generally unaware of what their policies hold for them so you have to teach them. And you have to be very patient while you’re doing […]