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It All Started With Smut Writer

You know how Facebook lets you add your profession to your profile? Yeah, well, a long time ago, when I was more diligent about wanting to be an author, I added a little something. Something I didn’t know would come back to haunt me many years later. Not in a bad way, mind you.

I added one of my jobs as Smut Writer.

I thought it was cute and funny. And honestly, all of the stuff I was writing did involve smut. Nothing too dirty. Usually. I’d say only 15% of my stories could qualify as filthy. Even my dirtiest had a plot, though! I swear!

Keep in mind, I also added Connoisseur of Attractive Men (which is now unpublished). I am a fan of hot guys. I swear if I become Queen of the World(TM) Chris Hemsworth wouldn’t be allowed to wear a shirt. Ever. Though, I would be a gracious monarch, so if it’s cold, he could wear a leather vest.

Anyway, back to Smut Writer…I never expected anyone to see it. Moreover, I never expected Facebook to prompt me to turn it into a page years later after I’d forgotten my silliness. Then years after that, something strange started: People started liking the page.

Like, a lot of people. Over 750 people.

Seriously, WTF? HOW? I didn’t even do anything with the page, yet people took an interest.

A few days ago, one of my friends (really fr-amily) asked me if I had a story she could work on. She’s trying to hone her e-book formatting skills. I didn’t have anything finished, but one story, Bait, was almost done. I had a lot of editing to do and I wanted to rework some stuff so it could fit in with a broader story I’ve had in mind for years. I almost didn’t say anything about it. Fear of failure started kicking in.

But something struck me. I’m freaking Smut Writer. I’ve been stuck at home on sick leave from my 9-5 for weeks and still had a couple of weeks ahead of me to go before I could even try to return. I should give the masses what they want. What better time would I have to work on my creative endeavors?

So I threw caution to the wind and agreed to work on the story to hand to my sister from another mister.

The story is dirty. Hey, it does have plot. I promised that earlier! And Smut Writer’s fans continued to grow. I figured if I’m going to have an erotic short story out there, I should have a blog. Then I thought, I’ve always wanted to try vlogging, too, so maybe all these things could tie in together?

Hell yeah, they can!

And that’s where I am. I handed her my story earlier this afternoon. I started working on my blog. I began dressing up my Youtube channel. 

It’s freaking happening.

And I’m bringing you dirty-minded people with me. 

I’m going on a journey. I want to be a writer. I want to have fun with a vlog. I have a lot to learn, and what I learn, I’ll share. If you have your own naughty works you’d like to promote, just drop me a line and I’ll be happy to give you a shout out.

More importantly is I want us to have fun and grow together. I want this to be more than a job, but rather a lifestyle. Glad you’re here with me!