I haven’t been feeling particularly inspired to write this past week, nor vlog (it’s too hot in my office!). Definitely had a nonproductive, sluggish few days.

That is until I wound up losing my shit last night.

I’ve been a huge Star Trek fan as far back as I can remember. When TNG hit the airwaves, I completely fell in love. I knew everything about that damn show. I could tell what episode was on just by watching the first couple of seconds of the show. I knew all the actor’s birthdays. Just deep into it.

Over the years, my love has waned. Not a lot. I still had love for the other shows and movies that came along over the years. But the feelings quieted somewhat.

Until last night.

The Star Trek Picard trailer dropped.

And holy shit.

Just holy **** shit.

I knew the show was coming at some point, but for some reason, I didn’t really care that much. I figured it wouldn’t have a whole lot in common with TNG. And it very well might be (I hear the licensing is different so some bits will have to change).

Then I watched it the trailer.

I didn’t expect the emotions to hit me so hard. It pimp-slapped my heart with joy. Tears formed in my eyes each time I watched it. And I watched it A LOT of times. My poor husband had to deal with a wreck of a woman. I couldn’t help myself.

Suddenly, I was a little girl, again, sitting in front of my television all twitterpated that my show was about to come on. All the love I had for TNG flooded my very being.

Suffice to say I’m excited.

The only downside is we’ll have to pick up yet another streaming service to check it out. My husband patiently smiled at me, knowing how much Trek means to me, and just kind of shrugged. He wouldn’t deny me this. Wouldn’t even dream of it.

The trailer was like a very early Christmas gift. Part of me wishes I didn’t know yet because 2020 is still a ways away. I know time will pass quickly since the years are freaking flying by, but it’s still going to be an anxious passing waiting for the show.

I can’t help fan-girling like crazy. Every time I think about it, I get misty. I haven’t been this excited for anything in some time.

Oh, captain, my captain, I’m so happy you’re coming back!