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Happy Administrative Professionals Day, one and all! If you’re working in an office, may your boss gift you something great today. If you’re working for yourself, don’t forget to spoil yourself just a little. You deserve it!

I’m more or less still in the research phase of my budding career. There’s a heck of a lot to learn! Here are some of the places I’ve found that really hit the spot.

Becoming a Virtual Assistant (Home Working Mom)

This was the first site I looked into, and I felt it a wonderful introduction to the field. This one really points you in the right direction, but it’s really just the bones of your search just to get the initial feel for where to go next.

Horkey Handbook

I can’t say enough good things about this particular site. The author of the site has this comforting writing style that makes everything she has to say a joy to read. Also, she has a bunch of wonderful free lessons for all budding VAs out there you should definitely check out.  There is also a very lively forum to join up to get more information from others in the field. We’re in this together, after all.

We Are Virtual Assistants

This website is like the Cosmo of VA sites. It’s an excellent space for learning the field from those who have already been there.

Virtual Assistant Network

Another great site, filled to the brim with free, useful information. They also offer training courses for those wanting to break into the business.

Virtual Assistant Forums

While this forum isn’t quite as active as others, there is a backlog of wonderful bits of information from people throughout the years. It takes a little while for the mods to confirm your account, but it’s definitely worth the wait.

Give these sites a whirl and get on your way. There are others out there, but these are the ones you want to start with.

Happy VA-ing all!

Virtually yours,


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